UPSC Works by Manuj Jindal

How to study current affairs for prelims?

I am going to tell aspirants four major things they should focus on while studying current affairs for prelims: Sources How to study these sources? Make notes or not for current affairs? How to...

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How to Stop Procrastination? #mentalhealth

Procrastination is not just a poor habit, but a mental health issue. As an aspirant I faced the problem of procrastination in my early preparation days. At that time, I couldn't exactly pinpoint why...

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Operation Vaccination Binagunda

Maruthi, the young son of Binagunda’s patil (village head) has been working as kotwal with Bhamragad administration for the past few years. A few days back he trekked over 20 kilometers to inform...

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“It’s Okay to Miss”

Nelgunda has remained a bastion of Naxal activity for years now. Its proximity to Chattisgarh, lack of any government presence in the area, complete absence of schools and medical facilities, and...

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What is UPSC looking for in Mains?

Great question for UPSC CSE aspirants! No one can ever for sure know what the examiner is looking for. However, it can be understood to some extent from many topper copies available out there, and...

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Booklist and Sources for UPSC

Deciding what to read keeps most aspirants (even when I was preparing) pretty confused about this exam. A prudent selection of sources for prelims, mains and interview is a must right from the...

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