Reading well is the key to success in any exam. Even in general if you are a good reader, it helps! 📚

As an aspirant, I used to give a lot of time to developing little ways to enhance my learning techniques.

Hopefully, these will help you to become a better learned as well!

These are the things that you can try to follow and improve your reading and learning style:

  1. First, you should read and understand the Table of Contents broadly. This helps you to know what’s to come and what’s the overall story
  2. Second, look and compare the table of contents with the syllabus and topics given for your exam. This helps you highlight main topics, associate and remember through mental mapping
  3. Google the chapter heading and quickly skim through the main highlights on search results. Look at the Google images to get a rough Visual idea — creates visual references in mind and makes recalling easier
  4. Read the headings and sub-headings of the chapter. This helps you understand what dimensions you need to know about the topic.
  5. Read the exercises given at the back of the chapter before reading the chapter. It will help you to know the important topics of the chapter.
  6. Look at the chapter maps, images, tables etc. given. This will help you to further create mental maps and images and remember the important ones
  7. Now, go ahead and read the chapter!
  8. Finally, when you do Previous Year Questions practice, try to remember which chapter the question might be from. This enhances your memory and recalling and connects the dots!